Ease away the stresses of modern life

Stress is often seen as an inevitable consequence of today’s hectic lifestyle. Pressure builds up, whether at work, or at home, or both, and soon many of us can find ourselves in need of a little extra ‘TLC’.  We all have different ways of finding respite from everyday problems and one way is through discovering healing, relaxation and well-being through the therapy of massage.

Massage is an age-old technique that works through the healing power of touch. It’s well known for easing aches and pains such as muscle sprains or strains, and can relieve pain in chronic conditions such as arthritis, or back or neck pain.  However, massage can also work on the mind, combating the effects of stress, and even helping to lower high blood pressure.  It can help you feel more relaxed and centred in yourself.  It can improve your sleep so you awaken more refreshed and ready for action.

For clients who realise they are becoming stressed, there are particular aromatherapy essential oils which when added to the massage can bring deeper relief and relaxation.  Following the advice of a qualified aromatherapist, clients can also be instructed in how to use essential oils safely at home, e.g. by inhaling over a bowl of steaming hot water, or by using an oil burner.  This helps the client to establish positive helpful routines for their own relaxation at home.

For example, an essential oil such as bergamot might be used for someone who is depressed, or exhausted because it is refreshing and uplifting. Neroli, on the other hand, is particularly good for relieving anxiety and nervous tension because it affects the whole nervous system and is deeply relaxing, good for someone suffering from insomnia.   For a client with high blood pressure, the essential oil marjoram might be used, because it works on the circulatory system.

Whatever your particular reasons for feeling pressured, finding some rest and relaxation can counter the negative effects of stress, leaving you feeling more in control of your life and your decisions.

If you decide you would like to try aromatherapy,   if you happen to live in or near Plymouth, Devon, then contact www.easenflow.co.uk to find qualified, skilled local aromatherapy on your doorstep.


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